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About Us

Leatherp is a brand dedicated to creating high-quality, fashionable and elegant bags. Its founder is a designer named Lily. Lily is a young woman who is passionate about beauty and fashion. She hopes to bring elegance and confidence to customers by designing exquisite and detailed bags.

Leatherp's philosophy is "Elegance is passed on, the spirit lasts forever", and it aims to provide customers with bags that are not only elegant in appearance, but also exquisite in quality. The brand's design inspiration comes from every detail of life and fashion trends. Each bag contains the designer's unique understanding of beauty and creative expression.

Leatherp's bags are famous for their exquisite craftsmanship, high-quality materials and unique designs. Each product is carefully designed and produced, striving to perfectly combine fashion and practicality. From classic handbags to stylish crossbody bags, from casual backpacks to exquisite evening bags, Leatherp's product range meets the needs of customers in different styles and occasions.

In addition to the products themselves, Leatherp also focuses on interaction and emotional connection with customers. The brand often holds fashion events and social activities to establish closer connections and resonance with customers. Leatherp believes that every customer has his own unique taste and style, and Leatherp bags are the perfect symbol of elegance and confidence.

Leatherp believes that every bag is an exquisite work of art, and every customer is the unique soul of this fashion world.