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Trend Guide: How To Create A Stylish Look With Your Bag

Mar 19,2024 | leatherp.com

Cleverly matching your bag is one of the keys to creating a stylish look.

1. Color matching: When choosing a bag, you can consider matching or contrasting the color of your clothing or shoes to create a visual balance and highlight.

2. Style matching: Choose the right bag style according to the style of wearing and the occasion, such as a backpack or crossbody bag for leisure, and a handbag or chain bag for formal occasions.

3. Size collocation: The size of the bag should also be considered in coordination with the proportion of the body, to avoid choosing too large or too small bags, affecting the overall shape.

4. Material matching: The material of the bag can also echo the material of the clothing or shoes, such as in the winter with a wool coat, you can choose a leather bag to increase the texture.

5. Functional collocation: Choose functional bags according to actual needs and occasions, such as choosing large-capacity bags when you need to install multiple items, and choosing crossbody bags or backpacks when you need free activities.

By cleverly matching the bag, you can enhance the fashion sense and personality of the overall shape, showing a unique taste and style.