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Bag Care Guide: The Secret To Extending The Life Of Your Bag

Mar 19,2024 | leatherp.com

Proper maintenance and care can help the bag to maintain a good appearance and extend the service life.

1. Regular cleaning: Choose the right cleaning method according to the material of the bag. For leather bags, you can use a special leather cleaner and soft cloth to gently wipe; For canvas bags, you can gently wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Avoid using detergent containing chemical ingredients, so as not to damage the bag material.

2. Avoid direct sunlight and wet environment: long-term exposure to sunlight will cause leather discoloration and dry cracking, and wet environment is easy to cause mold growth. Try to avoid exposing the bag to sunlight, and choose a dry and ventilated place when storing it.

3. Regular moistening: For leather bags, you can regularly use leather care cream or lotion to moisten and keep the leather soft and shiny. Pay attention to choose suitable bag material maintenance products, avoid the use of alcohol and chemical components of products.

4. Avoid squeezing and heavy pressure: Avoid squeezing the bag in a small space or being squeezed by heavy objects, so as not to cause deformation or damage to the bag.

5. Pay attention to details: regularly check whether the zipper, buckle, shoulder strap and other details of the bag are damaged or worn, and timely repair or replacement to ensure the overall quality of the bag.

6. Proper storage: When not in use, it is recommended to put the bag in a dust-proof bag and place it in a ventilated and dry place. Avoid hanging the bag on the hook for a long time to avoid deformation.

The above are some common bag maintenance and care suggestions, different materials and styles of bags may need to take different maintenance methods, please choose the right way of care according to the material and characteristics of your bag.